Distill my Beating Heart is back! Things are Heating Up

Hello my fellow cocktail enthusiasts and distillery eccentrics, I’m happy to announce your favorite layman on everything about spirits is back.

But I’m not just back in lackadaisical fashion, my thirst will only be quenched with the liquors from all 23 distinct distilleries Southern California has to offer.  

Don’t worry, my weekly cocktails on hand posts will continue. It’ll push you out of your comfort zone of asking for the same old libation every time you bounce into your favorite watering hole. I’ll also post recipes on the different liqueurs I’m testing out.

Look forward to posts about the fantastic bars and bartenders Los Angeles is offering as well.

I’m stoked to be back doing this and I can’t wait to learn more about distilling, cocktails and the history that’s spilling out of every glass.

There might be a one-off article about the different beers or breweries that are worth a post, but this will always be a spirits and cocktail blog.

If you lovely readers have any suggestions on what I should cover, leads on some great bars and or anything interesting on this tasty subject, I’d love to hear from you.

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